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Here, in this site, we offer an exceptional set of services. Our skilled and experienced team members are ready to provide any service you need. From small tasks like trimming and pruning to large scale jobs like cutting or stump removing- ask for anything! We will reach to you as soon as possible.

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The presence of trees in your environment greatly improves your quality of life and provides definite benefits. Providing both shade and privacy to homes and businesses nearby, trees require some maintenance to develop optimally. And at this site, we make sure that your trees are growing perfectly just the way you want! Tree cutting is an extreme measure that must be carried out only in very specific cases. It should be applied when no other option is applicable. Removal of trees poses a danger to people and surrounding property, if not carried out properly. If it falls in the wrong hand, the results can damage in longer terms. Apart from this, there are various other treatments that a tree can get. But for this, you need a specialist. A specialist commits to carry out each of its interventions by giving permanent attention to the accomplishment of a neat work and quality.

Considering a specialist, who could be better than us?

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In Dublin, both the north and south regions, it is recognized for its tree maintenance services. Our services are not only limited to Dublin or around the County but also spread much beyond that.

Through working for years, it has established its name as an expert when it comes to dealing with trees. We do trimming, cutting, pruning, tree planting, stump removing and everything related to arboriculture. We have a team of extraordinary people with skills, who can take care of your tree professionally.

If the maintenance of trees is not done properly, it can result in injury, property damage, and irreparable damage to the trees themselves. This is why the services of a professional arborist or tree surgeon are necessary.

Are you thinking about the condition of one or more trees on your property? Contact us, and schedule an appointment for evaluation of its condition.

To learn more about our full line of tree maintenance services, contact us today! We are available 24x7 at your service.

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    Areas Where We Provide Our Services

    It is our utmost honor to announce that, Tree Surgeon is at your service for any kind of tree-related emergencies ranging from complete removal of a tree to tree pruning or trimming. We mainly cover the premises in Dublin. Not to mention, we cover both south and north Dublin. Along with all the areas including the main areas of Dublin, you can ask for our services in other areas also such as County Louth and County Meath.

    Our services will depend on the convenience of the area. We can start working immediately if the area is easy to reach. Otherwise, depending on the area, the services may take time to reach. Also, the cost will vary according to areas. Because of the availability of workers, transport, etc. will change the cost. If you are not sure if we provide our services in your area, give us a call to know more. If we can, we will reach to you in no time.

    Regardless of the emergency and weather-related damages of all kinds, we are at your service seven days a week. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry. Also, you can email us through our contact form.

    Frequently Asked Questions Tree Removal Dublin:


    1. How Much Does It Cost to Cut Down a Tree in Ireland?

    Answer: Well, we will give an estimation of how much it will cost to cut down a tree according to the Tree Surgeon services at Dublin. The price for tree removal will range from 200 Euros to 1500 Euros. However, you have to note that the price might be more or less than that, depending on some factors. The size, location, access, diameter, condition of the tree, and other factors will have a direct effect on the cost of cutting a specific tree. If a tree is located near buildings, the cost of cutting will be more due to the damage and risk involved.

    2. Why are We Called Tree Surgeons?

    Answer: A tree surgeon is more like any other type of surgeon. Only that this specific one entirely deals with trees. Do trees need surgery? Well, this will help you understand why tree surgeon services at Dublin get the title trees surgeon. Tree surgery involves dealing with tree diseases, injuries, and general maintenance and care. I guess that’s enough for the people doing all these services to be called tree surgeons. The act of tree surgery through maintenance and care is the main reason why we are called tree surgeons. We have all the skills and qualifications in matters relating to tree surgery.

    3. Should I Cut Down a Tall Dead Tree?

    Answer: This will depend on some factors. The condition, height, and location of the dead tree will determine whether you should cut it or not. In case the tree will have no chances of falling, then it will not have any threat to people around or buildings. However, is the dead tree is very tall, located near houses and buildings, or can fall, it should be cut down. For most people with tree plantations, you can just leave the tree without cutting it since it has no threat. It will be a great home for lichens, insects, and wood lining insects. Cut it if it is a threat.

    4. What does a Tree Surgeon Do?

    Answer: A tree surgeon will do anything related to tree maintenance and care. They remove low limbs from trees. The process is referred to as canopy. This ensures that a tree has a healthy growth and at the same time giving an appealing look. This process must be done with a lot of carefulness to prevent diseases from affecting the tree.

    A tree surgeon will also remove overhanging branches from a tree. Other tree surgery activities that a tree surgeon will do include; stump removal, tree cutting, root pruning, tree felling, and others. A tree surgeon can also conduct tree planting and transplanting services.

    5. Are Your Staff Qualified and Experienced?

    Answer: Yes. When it comes to qualification and skill, you can have trust that we will deliver the best. One of the major skills that our staff have is the ability to use power tools. This counts a lot in terms of how staff will conduct a particular task. One of the things that make our staff more experienced and qualified is on the job training.

    Beginner staff work with expert staff that trains them on different issues regarding tree surgery. They have all skills in tree climbing, inspection, safety, and also tree assessment. They also have educational qualifications. You can have a guarantee that you will deal with the best staff.