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Today we are going to discuss how to cut down a tree properly and actually have it go down exactly where you want. It is not just that, turn on the chainsaw right away and go to cut down a tree. Rather, we would like to say a few words first. Because we've seen a lot of mistakes people do when they’re cutting down trees and doing all kinds of forest work and especially outside of Dublin in Ireland. It's very common to go with your normal work pants and work clothes and without having any ear and other protections. Though there has been a lot of development and safety in chainsaws and everything people used to cut a tree, We still are a firm believer in proper safety equipment.  A chainsaw can be a very dangerous thing even for very experienced workers, loggers and We’re not even crazy experience We've been in the forest for the last 10 years or so a little more. And We learned logging from old Irish loggers from Dublin.

Let’s Share Our Real Experience On How To Cut Down A Tree In Dublin, Ireland:

As we are working as  tree surgeons for long in Dublin we’ve got a large number of experiences of cutting trees. Most of them are happy experiences except a few. Now we’re gonna share a dangerous situation we faced once during cutting a tree. It was probably a few months ago, we got an assignment like usual as tree surgeons to cut a tree surrounded by living house, Electric wires and many other obstacles. Though we’ve had enough experience of doing so, this was indeed one of the more tough works we’ve experienced before. However, we started our job applying all the techniques we’ve had. Everything was going fine but you know cutting tree is quite risky job indeed. In spite of following all safety measures, suddenly a branch of that tree misplaced and hit one of our tree surgeons. It could be the reason of his death or serious injury. But he just got nothing but injured a little bit as he had the helmet and safety jacket and other things. Not only that, we followed a few extra safety measures that seem unnecessary at first glance but saved him that time.


In fact, there are many different techniques. But we will come to that we just want to share the hope that we’re always wearing a helmet and even these things they expire after a while they get bad air protecting for a full noise. You want to have good hearing even at an older age and then the helmet should have ear protection as well. And the front side of the helmet which will save your eyes from all the sawdust and everything flying around this. The dress we wear usually while cutting a tree, It has a first eight pack in the pocket and then the pants this is what we’re most worried about the pins. Actually the shoes we wear both shoes and pants that the chainsaw is not able to cut through and these pants. They used to be so uncomfortable. They used to be as heavy as yours. You yourself could barely move them. You have to wear this to ensure your safety nothing else.

Few Equipments Needed For Cutting Down Trees:

Let’s talk about some more equipment for cutting down the tree we usually use. This is stihl MS 360. It’s not the biggest not the smallest but it's sufficient for the work we do and it works just great. Now every time we go out into the forest to do the work we should wear a specialized belt on our waist where we may hang the small tools and equipment that we usually need. The tools vary a little bit what we wear on that, but usually it's the hook where you can lift or turn a piece of lumber real quick if you have the measuring tape which is metric of course we're in Dublin, Ireland, you just hook it into the tree and then when you're done you're just pulling it and it goes on. You have these two that you will use for cutting down trees and in the back here you can have an ax which we prefer or this that you can use to push over smaller trees.

Plan First Very Carefully Before Cutting Down A Tree:

Let’s go want to show you the way we learned to cut down trees which we think it's very good and safe. Firstly decide where to fall the tree. You may put a stick over there in your targeted place where you want to make your tree fall after being cut. If you know the perfect method of cutting a tree, your tree will just fall upon the stick you put on there. That’s the most important thing while cutting a tree. Because you want to cut down the tree and make sure it will fall in the right place and you don't want it to damage other trees or anything beside it. You don't want it to fall backwards to where you're standing or anything like that. But if you don’t know the exact method of doing so, we recommend you to call a professional.  

Don’t Cut Down A Tree Way To High From The Bottom:

One of the most common mistakes that we have seen people do is that when they cut down a tree they don't start at the bottom. Rather they actually cut down the tree way too high maybe not this extreme and yes, it's more comfortable and everything. But if you cut down 100 trees you know this ends up to being a lot of firewood or a lot of lumber. And that's something that we had to learn the hard way from the old loggers in Dublin, Ireland. They taught us how to do it properly. So you want to do it as well as possible. You should cut the tree from the very bottom you can. But you must ensure the safety fall of the tree.


Use The Chainsaw In Proper Way While Cutting Down A Tree:

You see, most people don't use their chainsaw in a proper way, but even if you look at the steel for example, it has this black line which is made for you to look how you hold the chainsaw. So you're able to look where you want the tree to go. This is how these are our two first cuts you see if you hold our chainsaw against this. Now we can look over the line where we wanted to go and you must have a fixed destination to which we’ll have to fall our tree. But that must need acute professionalism. In fact, how big the tree that doesn't really matter, It’s just the matter of technique. So now you may start cutting around the tree.


Follow Proper Technique Of Cutting Down Trees:

When you’ll start to cut down the tree, first make a pocket at the bottom and that must be on that side where you want to make your tree fall down after cutting and that should always be the first cut. Second cut you should start from the left or right sight of the first cut keeping a gap of minimum 1 inch. It's like when a door opens you see false open and that’s what keeps the tree from falling to the left or falling to the right. However, just cut around the tree and put sticks inside the cut. When you finish cutting around the trees, you may put a few sticks inside the cut and hit on them. If everything you do perfect, You’ll find your tree has just fallen on the right direction you wanted it to fall on.


In fact, that’s all about How to cut down a tree in Dublin, Ireland. But Remember, don’t try this yourself, if you are fully new in this field. If you do so, it’s up to you and you’re on your own. Because using all the tools and techniques used for cutting down a tree is sometimes dangerous if you’re unable to use them properly. And they are too risky for the new people no doubt.