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Having a perfect flowering wisteria is awesome. I mean, the view is just irresistible. To achieve that, you need to do regular pruning of your wisteria. The truth is that wisteria vine can also survive without pruning. You can only do this in case you have sufficient space for it to twin, sprawl and climb over anything along its path. They can a great view of your apartment or backyard. They are capable of climbing up to 30 feet high.

However, if you want to see more of the wisteria’s flowers, pruning is essential. It is recommendable that you prune bi-annually, prune during the winter and another one during summer. Great companies like the tree surgeon services at Dublin will affirm that. Now that you know when to prune, do you want to know how to prune wisteria? Well, stay with us and let’s show you how to do that.

How to Prune Wisteria During Winter

During winter pruning, you must have some tools to facilitate the activity. You will realize the same tool you use during winter, will still be useful in summer. Therefore, store the equipment perfect for the next pruning. Get the following;

  • A ladder
  • A pair of gloves
  • Hand pruners
  • Pruning saw
  • Tying wire

To prune wisteria in winter, you have to plan the activity to be around late winter. Are you wondering why not early or mid-winter? During winter wisterias flowers and leaves fall off. In late winter wisteria still doesn't have flowers and leaves. Pruning in the absence of the flowers is easy since the branches are free and easy to reach. For old wisteria, hard pruning is needed. Therefore, you don’t have to do all the process of pruning at a go. Do it the process in a few years, maybe two winters. Now let’s get to the step by step procedure.

  • Grab your tools ready to begin the pruning; you will need gloves for safety purposes. Remember that you are dealing with branches and sharp tools. Therefore, you need to protect your hands. A ladder will help you reach the highest points of the vines. Use hand pruners for soft pruning and pruning saw for hard pruning.
  • Cutting the shoots; here, any shoot with more than three buds, cut it down to a minimum of 2 buds and a maximum of 3 buds. Focus on the buds at the inner part of the shots. Determining the inner and the outer part is very easy. The part facing you is the outer part and the opposite is the inner part. The outer parts should not have any buds. For this step, you only leave behind the flower buds' uncut. For hard pruning, cut off all overgrown shoot up to the beginning of new shoots. You do this to enable them to get sunlight and tidy up the vine.
  • Do not tamper with the flower buds; without the flower buds, you will not have plenty of flowers, it will take time for them to grow back again. The fact that they are very sensitive and fragile, be careful when dealing with the parts around them; you want the wisteria to blossom perfectly, right? Then, remember this perfectly.
  • Trim or tie thin shoots; Thin shoots sprout in the summer period. You may need to have or get rid of the shoots. In case you want more vines, you need the train the shoots on how to climb and sprawl. This is where the tying wire comes in. Cut longer thin shoots to 1 inch and then begin typing. Hold them perfectly and tie wire around them. Make sure that you use support for them to stay in place. An alternative can be trimming the thin shoots. You will not get wide coverage of vines. However, on the brighter side, trimming will allow more blooms to sprout.


How to Prune Wisteria During Summer

Remember that you need to prune twice a year. The next pruning time is during summer. Just like in the winter, you also need to prune the wisteria during late summer. Again most of you might as why late summer? Pruning late summer is not picked just randomly, there is a reason for that. The Best Tree Surgeon in Ireland, Dublin will tell you that. In late summer, leaves and flowers have already blossomed on your wisteria. You need to go back to pruning again

  • Grab the same tools you used during winter; a ladder, a pair of gloves, Hand pruners, Pruning saw and tying wire
  • Cutting the shoots; in the summer, you only need 6 inches of the shoot. You should cut off anything past that. Do you want to know why there is a need to cut the shoots? Well, we are here to clear all your doubts. It allows the vine to sprout out more blooms. To help in producing blooms and at the same time consider the view of the wisteria, you can leave behind a maximum of 6 leaves on a shoot.
  • Trimming unnecessary shoots; for the vine to have perfect support, trim the shoots that can lure that. Focus on the shoots that are not in line with the wire support. They just make the appearance look bad. At this stage, you can cut off branches and vines that have no flowers or leaves on them.
  • Trimming new growth; at this period, the wisteria will have new growths after short periods, maybe one or two weeks. You need to trim the new shoots after a couple of weeks. You can leave 2 leaf joints. Again it will allow the production of blooms.
  • Leave or get rid of the seedpods; this will depend on your preference. If you like the appearance of the seedpods on the wisteria just leave them. If otherwise just cut them. After all, cutting or leaving them does not affect the blossoming of the wisteria vine.



You will get a dozen of techniques on how to prune wisteria. We just choose one of the best for effective pruning. Be sure to look for the best Tree Surgeon in Dublin for the best tree care services.