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Best Tree Cutting Services in Dublin

Is one of your trees proving to be difficult for your neighborhood? Do you want to have a tree cut down to have the area needed to create an extension? All you need is us, the Tree Surgeon Dublin to cut down the tree.

The cutting of a tree is an extreme measure that must be carried out only in very specific cases and when any other option is inapplicable.

In some cases, pruning is not always enough to solve health problems or to secure your tree. Cutting is, therefore, a solution for trees that are too prolific.

For the following cases, cutting tree is logical and required:

  • Trees can be cut if they hinder the surrounding infrastructure
  • If the tree is dead or diseased
  • If you need an expansion or extension of an area

In all these cases, we will be able to ensure you the safest tree cutting including complex situations.

Some Reasons Why Trees are Cut:

  • Dead trees
  • Crash risk caused by major structural defects
  • Presence of a strong state of decomposition of wood by fungi
  • Situations of struggle forced towards parasites or cancers
  • Structure irreparably compromised due to weather events
  • Accidents or bad management of the plant in construction site situations
  • Selection of wild plants in areas of historical value
  • Situation of strong discomfort not resolvable with pruning
  • Replacement with a species more suited to the context

Tree Cutting Methods:

The cutting is carried out using different methods, depending on the position of the plant in the environment. Tree Surgeon Dublin follows both of these methods depending on the situation.

Free cutting: Cutting is performed at the foot when there is enough space for the whole tree to fall.

Controlled cutting: With controlled strategy, cutting is performed at the treetop, with crane or helicopter. This solution is necessary when the plant cannot fall completely into the ground, but it must be peeled. These situations are frequent where there is the presence of artifacts, buildings or anything else that cannot be moved. It is done with the help of ropes, pulleys, clutches and cable cars.

When it is not possible to work at the base of the plant manually, we take mechanical solutions, such as crane trucks and helicopters.

Before using this drastic technique, contact a professional at Tree Surgeon Dublin. Our experts will be able to see if other possibilities can be envisaged. If necessary, we will be able to carry out the cutting in optimal conditions. It is to minimize the risks for the individuals and the goods in the vicinity.

How Tree Surgeon Dublin Cuts Trees?:If the surrounding area is cleared, we can carry out the cutting of your tree in one piece. We will also take care of the direction of its fall, before cutting the stump. Then we will clean it before handing you the wood or evacuating it.

In some cases, it is best to remove the stump after the tree has fallen. We have the necessary equipment to grind the stump. This operation is carried out using mobile equipment. It allows removing the stump completely without altering the surrounding terrain. Afterward, you can either replant a tree or sow directly in the same place.

Validate with the municipality to find out if a permit is needed for cutting the tree. Before starting the cutting of one of your trees, always check the municipal regulations. In some cases, the permit is mandatory. A representative of the city will meet you to issue a free slaughter permit. Consult the regulations of your municipality on this subject to avoid paying fines.

If you wish to obtain additional information on our services, we propose you to browse the other sections of our site. Or you can contact us directly anytime.

Our focus on the Dublin market makes Tree Surgeon Dublin available all the time for any of your need.


Key Benefits of Our Tree Cutting Service

Tree cutting is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are lots of factors you need to consider before cutting a giant size tree.
These are the key benefits that make our tree cutting service special than others in Dublin:

At Tree Surgeon Dublin, we can cut trees following the ‘Controlled Cutting’ method which is rare among other tree cutting companies
Even if the trees need to be cut mechanically, our crane trucks can do it perfectly
We can also grind the stump if you want