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Tree Surgeon Cost

Are you thinking of getting professional services for the maintenance of your trees at a reasonable price? No problem, come to Tree Surgeon Dublin for the best experience.
If you are thinking of getting a tree surgeon, but afraid it will cost money, then stop for a minute and think! Standard work will cost a certain amount of money.
In our case, Tree surgeon Dublin charges a minimum of 200-250 euros with an average of 400-500 euros. It is just the basic charge. But the total cost will depend on the work you need.
Here, we’ll explain how our service cost is calculated so that you know you are not overpaying for the services at all!

Tree Cutting Costs For Different Services:

For whole tree cutting, we charge 200 to 1500 euros. Again this price depends on tree size, diameter, condition, location or how much work is needed. For example, trees far from the locality are easier to cut. Just like that, healthier and bigger trees are difficult to cut.
than rotten trees.
The price of cutting or treating a tree can go from 1000 euros to 3000 euros, even more depending on the situation. It becomes skeptical to hear that a friend had his tree cut for 100 euros whereas, after calculation of quote, ours is more than 1000 euros.
So we have created this article to clarify the setting of tree surgeon costs. You can also get a free quote example via our online calculator, without any charge.

Cutting a Tree

Check with planning authorities whether or not you need a permit before proceeding to the cutting of a tree. Regulations for the cutting of a tree varies from city to city.
Since cutting a tree is dangerous, hiring a professional is unavoidable unless it is a small, easy-to-cut tree that is safe for the surrounding area. Our free, no-obligation service will help you do it.

We will need the following information for the quote:

  • Location of the city
  • The nature of the tree (type, age, height, etc.)
  • The location of the tree (surrounding infrastructure, neighborhood, obstacles, and hazards, etc.)
  • The various constraints (electric wires, garden furniture, plantations, etc.)

These are, at the same time, the factors that will be needed to determine the cost of tree

How Tree Surgeon Cost Is Calculated?

The estimated cost for the cutting of a tree is based on several factors, some of the major ones are mentioned below:

The Location

The distance between the location of the tree surgeon and the targeted area also includes (travel expenses, transportation of equipment and disposal of waste). That is why we offer a budget-friendly plan for a tree cutting near you.
The average cost for cutting trees (excluding stumping): Between 200 euros and 600 euros/tree

The Estimated Time To Cut The Tree

The more complicated the situation of the tree is, the longer it will take to cut it. The cutting can take between 1 hour to half a day depending on the complexity of the task. A large tree takes longer to cut down because it has to be cut before removing it. So it will be added with the charge.

Equipment and Skills Needed

Removing large and old trees is complicated and requires more precautions, so as equipment. The task becomes even more complex when the entourage is threatened (the house, the neighbors, the public infrastructures, etc.).

The Nature of the Request

The tree cutting package itself is divided into 3 parts:

  • The price for cutting
  • The price for waste disposal (leaves, branches, and trunk)
  • The price for stump removal (stump removal and backfilling)

If you only want to have your tree cut, the cutting plan only includes the tree. Stump is expensive because it requires more time and effort. Removing the stump of an old tree requires a picky technique and the intervention of a mini-shovel type construction machine because the roots are much anchored in the ground.

Here is a general estimation of the costs:

  • Without the stump, it takes an average between 200 euros to 500 euros to cut a tree.
  • Average lowest price 160 euros
  • Average highest price 550 euros
  • Average price 330 euros

The Price of the Stump

If you want us to completely remove the stump, you will need to double the tree cutting estimate. Consider around 1500 euros to 2000 euros more depending on the complexity of the task.

Presence of Electric Infrastructures

The average price of tree cutting can very quickly rise to 1500 euros or more when it is close to electrical infrastructures (poles, power lines, etc.)

Rough Terrain

Irregular slopes make it difficult for the pruner to work. Cutting a tree on rough terrain can cost up to 1700 euros, while the same tree on flat, smooth ground costs about 700 euros.

The Size of the Tree

Healthier and bigger trees are difficult to cut than rotten trees.

So, a basic range for tree cutting will be-

  • Small trees (up to 25 feet)- 200 to 500 Euros
  • Medium trees (up to 70 feet)- 200 to 800 Euros
  • Large trees (over 70 feet)- up to 1500 Euros

With these, some additional costs will be added. For example, 60 euros or more for chipping, up to 100 euros for log splitting, etc.

Free Tree Cutting: Is It Possible?

Yes, it is possible, under several conditions. Already, it must be a young tree, not problematic, can be cut in one shot without involving a machine or manpower. In this case, we can cut or just prune your tree in exchange for the wood it recovers.

However, we can’t guarantee this service all the time as the cutting of a tree often needs security constraints that require complex procedures.

In summary, it is the amount of work to be done and the complexity of the task that determines the estimated tree surgeon cost. It is therefore normal that a young tree that can be cut in one swoop only requires an investment of 100 euros whereas a bigger tree may require up to 2000 euros for cutting.