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Tree Trimming

Trimming trees and shrubs is much more than just saving trees. Tree trimming is an art based on scientific principles of plant physiology. At its most basic level, the job is to remove the damaged sections of the tree, cut off dead or structurally weak branches, which will improve the health of a tree and reduce the chances of injury or damage caused by falling branches.

Also, trimming helps to increase the beauty of any plant.

A professional trimmer can make the tree safer and more attractive. Proper trimming promotes growth, improves plant health, repairs damage and helps to add aesthetic appeal to a tree. Well-made trimming is critical because it is possible to damage a tree by neglect or poor trimming.

Tree trimming is certainly one of those jobs that are best left to professionals. From safety and plant health, tree trimming should always be done by competent and experienced professionals. Trimming trees can be dangerous for people without proper training and equipment.

Whatever the type or size of the tree is, there are particular standards followed by tree care professionals during trimming. These standards were developed by the American National Standards Institute.

Some of the most important guidelines include:

  • Do not leave the cuts on the ground
  • Limit or eliminate unnecessary cuts
  • Do not make total cuts
  • Do not cut more than 25% of the total growth in a single year, except by obligation
  • Do not damage other parts of the tree when trimming
  • Do not use paint on the wound
  • Do not cut without reason

At Tree Surgeon Dublin, we follow all these guidelines to the T. That’s why ours is the most recommended tree trimming service in Dublin.

Our Services:

  • The size of a cedar hedge is necessary for its conservation and longevity. The size also restricts growth to maintain the desired width. For these benefits to be optimized, the size should be made annually. We can add you to our customer list and you will be contacted annually for the size of your hedge. We have all the necessary equipment, nacelles, a 20-foot ladder, etc. No matter the size project, we will help you.
  • To obtain a good yield, fruit trees require a suitable size for the production of flowers or fruits. As the size of the fruit trees is complex, it is better to use a professional to provide the appropriate care. For the size of your fruit trees, do not hesitate to contact us and we will add you to our list of annual customers.
  • Trimming in conifers should be done by specialists who take into account the characteristics of the species. Because conifers do not easily produce new shoots on old wood.

If you are not sure why and if you need trimming at all, let us make you understand. The trimming work is often made mandatory for security reasons. Especially for the clearance of buildings or electrical wires.

In other circumstances, trimming may be useful to stop, limit, maintain, or guide branch growth. In addition to reducing certain risks of breakage that can be the source of physical and material damage, this intervention can contribute to maintaining tree health.

Tree Surgeon Dublin has a wonderful trimming service as well. Our service includes-

  • Depending on the case, different techniques including remediation pruning,
  • Crown enhancement,
  • Thinning,
  • Rebalancing of the antler,
  • Restructuring and clearing of structures and work areas.

Why Tree Surgeon Dublin For Tree Trimming?

Well, we have a team of experienced workers who will trim your tree with care. Our focus on the Dublin market makes us eligible. Our advanced equipment aims to strengthen the tree, to shape it, to lighten its antler, and to produce quality timber without knots.

Depending on the species, Tree Surgeon Dublin will be able to plan a trimming service that will satisfy you with the result. Also, we have a set of budget plans for this service.

Contact us if you have questions or if you think we can help you.


Key Benefits of the Service

Tree Trimming doesn’t only mean shaving trees. To professionals like us, it is an art.

These are the key benefits of our tree trimming service:

We care about your trees and lawn. That’s why along with trimming trees, we’ll also suggest you the appropriate trimming time so that your trees can have optimal growth.
Thanks to our high-class equipment, no matter how large the tree is, we can trim it to perfection!
Our team of professionals can work even in the midst of electrical grid lines or other buildings.